Fiber Art in the Country – Eye of the Dog Art Center

I am currently working out of a studio in San Marcos, Texas.  Beautiful country and the nicest people you could hope to meet.  Eye of the Dog Art Center provides workshops for clay, mixed media, screen printing,  paper arts and more.  You can hold you own workshop and be served delicious food to boot.There is a wonderful country road that meanders through the Texas Hill country with beautiful cactus flowers, angus and longhorn cattle and lots of inspiration. Eye of the Dog Art Center is primarily a clay and mixed media studio, but they thankfully decided to let me set up a small fiber art studio. What a blessing. I can spread out my fabric , dry it in the sun and eat peaches too(soon).

What’s better than that!!

One thought on “Fiber Art in the Country – Eye of the Dog Art Center

  1. Beverly Mangham

    Thanks Lynn! We love having you here. You add great energy to our vision. Love your taste in books/art too.

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