12 Step Program for Fiber Artist

I have set several goals for myself beginning in 2012.  In five words, Get the hell out there!!  What have I been waiting for, permission? Ok,  Lynne you have permission to be a fiber artist cage rattler!  Here is my rattle list.

1.  Submit, Submit, Submit.  There are a lot of great opportunities to submit my work in Texas, in the U.S. and even internationally. Whose to say I can’t!

&. Learn as much as I can from others.  Embed myself in classes and hearing voices critique my work.  Be unafraid.

&. Buy and use a variety of art supplies that I’ve never attempted using.

&. Make new tools.

&. Order made-for-dyeing fabrics I’ve yet to use.

&. Study more complicated techniques I’ve always wanted to learn – serious Shabori, batiks and paper making.

&. Study master artists in different genres – the masters, impressionists, sculptors, photography and more.

&. Study Brut and Outsider Art.

&. Write an article for a publication on an aspect of Fiber Art.

&. Create works that have a psychological bent.

&. Expose myself to different music than I usually listen to.

12. Take mouthfuls of fresh air. Take my work outside.

If I’m not cured in 12 steps, make another list.


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